• Monday, June 27,2022

This is probably my first voluntary effort at writing, so will give you a detailed perspective of how I got here…

Well to start with, my name is Zeeshan

I was originally born and bought up in Qatar to my Indian Parents, my mom being from Goa and dad from Hyderabad.

From the very beginning my family moved around a lot between Qatar, Goa and Hyderabad. I changed schools throughout and learnt to quickly adapt to new places and people. Moving around was good and bad in a way, bad cause I got drifted away from all the friends I made and good cause I got exposed to new cultures and people.

Having moved to India after my 10th for 2 years made me fall in love with the place. However post 12th I moved to the UK to pursue Civil Engineering and ended up staying there and working for 6 years.

However life got too monotonous, 9am -5pm work life wasn’t for me. I tried to seek solace in things that I loved to do which was working out at the gym (I have put on quite a bit now) and cooking. I took to cooking to escape from the monotonous life I was tied into.

A year later I realised I wanted to pursue a career in cooking and part ways with engineering.

In 2015 September 10th I moved to Hyderabad in India to start a health food Startup called Fitmeals. www.fitmeals.co.in

Since then I ventured into various food related startups. With this history repeated itself and I got chained down to working 16 hours a day including Sunday’s, and that’s when I realised turning your passion into a business has its own flaws, it becomes difficult to innovate when the quantity is in big numbers. I took this up as a challenge and decided to travel to research on ingredients in order to curate new recipes.

However while I set out to achieve this I realised that my current life isn’t the only life I could be living, in a bigger scale of perspective I realised Iam pretty unimportant to the world I live in. I have been so caught up in my daily life that I totally forgot that I could actually be someone or somewhere I like tomorrow if I’d like. The beauty of being unimportant in the grand scheme is you also don’t have any set limits to what or where you’d want to be, apart from the limits we set upon ourselves.

Travelling for me ensured I don’t ever forget that.

And this thought process gave me a perspective to perfectly balance it out with work.

Since then there was no looking back and thus began the travel adventures of Travel Matcha

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